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What are the WordPress Theme Development Tools that You Need? ?>

What are the WordPress Theme Development Tools that You Need?

WP development is made very powerful due to the WordPress themes, which are useful in developing amazing websites. Themes can help in changing visual design, as well as the layouts of WP sites, very fast. WP developers can allow you to get the blog or website of your dreams with the aid of theme development tools. Naturally, even many of the Fortune 500 companies are using WP for their official blog management. Read on to know about some of the best theme development tools used in WordPress that you need.

Local Server

When it comes to the custom development of WP themes, your laptop or desktop is the best spot. You have to transform your personal computer into a local server and develop a virtual web server such as PHP, Apache and MySQL. You can easily do this with the installation of WP into your PC. You do not have to install these servers separately. You can do this with MAMP for Macintosh and XAMP for Windows computers.

Dummy Content

For theme creation, you will require dummy content. Visit the WP admin panel and go to Tools > Important, and pick WordPress from the WXR options list post data file. You may pick among the WPCandy Sample Content, The Sandbox Dummy Content or The Theme Development Checklist test data.


You can pick any browser for the purpose of WP development. However, the one most recommended is Mozilla Firefox. Its add-ons make it the most preferred option for developers of WordPress across the globe. There is the Web Developer toolbar that lets you get a wide range of options for checking and debugging code. There is Firebug that helps you to debug every element in WP theme, straight to the code.


It is used commonly in WP theme development. A functions.php file is present in the default WP theme, which defines numerous features of that specific theme. This is used by good WordPress developers for creating and modifying custom themes.

Text Editor

Most of the WP developers like to use special type of graphics software for the creation of WP themes. You may try Notepad ++ or Notepad in case you are doing WP theme development on Windows, and Smultron if you are a Mac user.

You will also have to download and set up the latest WordPress version in your personal computer, or local test server, for testing the theme.